War Sound Effects

What is a .WAV file?

WAV is short for Waveform audio format

What is a .wav file

A .WAV File is the standard audio format for storing music, sound bits, noises, and other such items on your computer.

In fact all those sound effects when your computer shuts down, starts up, or gets an email are .WAV files.

Wav files are rather large uncompressed high clarity audio files.

Uncompressed files are files that have not been "made smaller", for lack of a better term. A good compression example would be clothes. When they are in your closet they take up alot of room, but you can put them in a suitcase sit on the suitcase and zip it up. That last bit could be considered compression.

Other Sound Formats (MP3)

Other sound formats such as .MP3 have came about recently that are smaller as they have been compressed.

Do not fear however as .WAV is here to stay! .WAV files are the international audio currency and problably will always stay that way.