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Helios 2

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About: Helios is a little sampler unit, intended to explore the more creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers. Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool :-) It can load a single WAV file and tweak it live in realtime to produce some really strange sounds. Here are some of its features: - waveform display on the GUI - modulatable loop start and loop end points - modulatable ADSR envelope control - reverse playback of the sample - 2 LFOs, independently syncable to host tempo - 6 LFO waveforms (sine, saw up, saw down, triangle, square, noise) - support for Anamark, VAZ and Scala tuning files - drag and drop support for WAV and tuning files - full MIDI CC control with MIDI learn and inverse - on-board serial LP/HP filter with resonance - on-board delay with feedback - powerful WAV reader that supports many WAV versions - start and stop buttons on the GUI - optional sample interpolation algorithm - portamento

Helios 2 

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