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IDJ 3-Osc VA 1.2 VST Plugin

IDJ 3-Osc VA 1.2

Category: Synths

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About: Triple osc hybrid virtual analog with MIDI learn and direct input (joystick) support. * 2 Oscillators with 7 waveforms, pulse width, FM and sync * 1 Oscillator with 68 waveforms * 1 ADSR Envelope * 1 Multi Mode Filter with Envelope * 1 LFO with multiple destinations * 1 Modulator with multiple sources and destinations * 1 FM Modulator with Envelope * 1 Pitch Modulator Envelope * 1 CV and Groove Sequencer to Modulator with 4 Memory Slots * X-Y Controller with direct input Joystick support * 2 delays with pan * 1 Stereo Chorus * 1 Stereo Reverb * 64 Patches with professional sounds While we are not to sure what all that means we do like the look and feel of the IDJ 3-Osc VA 1.2 by Angular Momentum. Thank god for free. I know we sometimes exaggerate but the makers of this vst are crazy for giving this one away for free. This one is for the electronic music headz. This is at the time of this review one of the best free vsts we've posted. I could hear some sick trance or break tunes being created with this baby. CPU usage is minimal. Sound quality it max. There look to be about 30 presets, and they all sound sweeeet! We threw together a scale for the demo and it's blimpin nice. Very blipy. Check out that vst demo then download.

IDJ 3-Osc VA 1.2 

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