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Piano Lessons for Beginners

This is a great little piano lesson for beginners video that goes over the basics and is enough to get you playing. The teacher is kinda nice to look at as well, that is always a bonus. The following text is from the YouTube Video Page We hope you enjoy 'LESSON 1' of our video lesson series. Also see our INTRODUCTORY LESSON video and our 'LESSON 2', 'LESSON 3', 'LESSON 4', 'LESSON 5' and 'LESSON 6'. Get your FREE COPY OF THE MUSIC used in all the lessons. Send the word music to For additional on-line one-to-one help and tuition via 'Skype' please send an email to Lesson 1 contains the following new material: (0.16) Right Hand note D (2.15) Semibreve Notes (3.11) Semibreve Rests (3.40) Pieces to Practise We hope you enjoy the lesson, please leave a message. Many thanks for viewing. You may also want to check out this video on free jazz piano lessons.

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