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Music Producer Schools

Check out the following schools dedicated to music production

Full Sail http://www.fullsail.edu/
Full Sail attracts people from all over the world with a passion to create, music, film, games, animation, design, and live events. They come here to learn in an environment that is essentially one of the biggest entertainment production facilities on the planet, and to be part of a community of like minded peers.

Entertainment Connection's http://www.recordingconnection.com/
Entertainment Connection's Recording program allows you to go to school and get a job as a Recording Engineer, Music Producer, and other related positions.

Berklee College of Music http://www.berklee.edu/
Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world's largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music. The college's 3,800 students and 460 faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide the most complete learning experience possible, including all of the opportunities and challenges presented by a career in the contemporary music industry.

Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences http://www.cras.org/
Whether it's studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio or television broadcasting, or working with a record label or artist management, it's all about music! If you want to work as a recording engineer, a live sound mixer, record producer, or any other audio career, you will never be satisfied with anything else.

The Institute of Audio Research http://www.iar.edu/
Stop in and discover how an IAR education could help you reach your goals. Tour our completely renovated school and sit in on numerous audio demo sessions. Meet faculty and admissions, along with event partners Apple Inc., Disc Makers, and the Village Voice. Please call 212-777-8550 for reservations.

Vancouver Film School http://www.vfs.com/
At VFS you will receive a one-year education equal to four years at other schools. Whether you are making films, designing video games, or bringing animated characters to life, you will create a body of work to showcase your abilities and launch your career.