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We have amassed a collection of Free Midi Music Files, for home or personal use. These Midi Music Files can be used for midi cell phone ringers, web page background music, game themes, or even imported into popular music production software like Fruity Loops.

Our free midi files can be downloaded by [Clicking Here] has [Midi Music Files Here]

If you are unfamiliar with the term Midi File and have accidentally stumbled upon this page then let us give you a quick overview.

So what are midi music files?

Midi Music Files are created by MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interfaces. MIDI does not transmit an audio signal or media it simply transmits digital data "event messages" such as the pitch and intensity of musical notes to play, control signals for parameters such as volume, vibrato and panning, cues and clock signals to set the tempo. That last passage was from Wiki.

So basically they are not sound file, but directions on how a sound should be created. Midi Files are a blueprint for midi file players, a ruff roadmap of what the sound should sound like. When I hear Midi Files it reminds me of older games or cell phone ringers. These files where used as midi files tend to be small, and don't take up so many resources or space, and tend to load quickly because of this.

Once again our free midi files can be downloaded by [Clicking Here]. Take advantage of our free midi resource.