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Mac Files on Rapidshare

Finding Mac Files on Rapidshare

Download Mac Files from Rapidshare

Everyone loves Rapidshare [?], however most files are for PC's. We've created a comprehensive list of queries that check google for Mac files on Rapidshare.

Lets first start of with Rapidshare and then we'll do MegaDownload [?], another popular one click file hosting site. We are now searching for pages or files with Mac in the title or description.

Mac Files on MegaUpload

Now lets check to see what tastee little mac tidbits we can find on MegaUpload.

This will usually yield more results, as it scans files on german, english, french, and other servers.

You can tweak the queries for the search by adding words or parts of words.

Remember your results and share them with your friends if you want.

Now all you digital music producers using a Mac can get what you want from RapidShare without having to filter out all those PC files.

*We are not affiliated with either Rapidshare or MegaUpload and are merely assisting our visitors in finding rapidshare mac files.