Audio Format

Links - is a great place to get free sound clips and sound bites. They have both royalty free and just plain free sounds that have been uploaded to our sound database. - empowers it's users to Share, Listen, and even Download the clips of audio that have been uploaded to it's site. - SoundJax is semi autonomous sound search platform that indexes and renders waveforms, tags, and catalogues audio from the internet. SoundJax promises to be the future of sound search. [Beta Testing]
Audio Format - allows you to convert audio file to other formats online using nothing more than your internet browser, and it's a totally free resource allowing you to convert wav to mp3, mp3 to wav, video to mp3, wmv to wav, wav to wmv, and more. - - Hundreds of movie sounds from your favorite movies in wav or mp2 sound format.
Splurgo Audio - providing the web with great audio since 2002. Whatever your music project is, we're sure to have something to help you improve it. - AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio. AudioMulch is software for real-time sound synthesis, music composition and performance-oriented audio processing.
DJ Intelligence - Research shows that with stimulating content from DJ Intelligence, visitors will stay at your website longer and return more often than they would a traditional static site. - royalty-free samples free VST plug ins and audio software news - Consistently good acid loops at good prices.
Equinox Sounds - Developers of loop/phrase libraries in ACID/WAV and REX2 formats. Royalty free loops for Ambient, Chill Out and Trance productions.
Musician War - Musician War will make you a better question!
Taxi - Songwriting Tips - TAXI's Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips, music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement. - Official Deejaylink charts, music, music charts, house charts, techno charts, dance charts, pop charts
Pro Loops and Samples - Royalty Free Sample CDs and Sample Downloads for Producers and DJs
Acid Loops - offers acid loops and drum samplesfor modern music producers plus music production tips & tutorials beat contests music software and music contracts for modern musicians.
Royalty Free Classical Music - Royalty Free Classical Music library offering Classical compilations, full tracks and loops with high quality previews and instant download MP3 or WAV.