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How to make a Rap Beat

Making a Simple Broken or Rap Beat

Rap or Hip Hop Drum Beats are nothing more than a break beat. We've taken a screenshot of the a typical Rap Beat and uploaded that picture for you to look at.

There are tons of variations but for the purpose of this simple tutorial we are going to stay on task and re-create a Rap/Hip Hop Beat. Later on you can ad the hi hats and throw a few stray kicks or snares in the loop.

How to make a Rap Beat

Preview the Rap Beat    Download a Fruity Loop Rap Template

You can see from the image of the drum beat above that there are 2 basic elements to the beat. The Kick Drum and the Snare Drum.

The kick comes first. If you count the blocks above out you can see that the kick comes in on block 1 and block 11. The snare comes in on block 5 and block 13.

In the demo picture we used Fruity Loops to make a simple Hip Hop Beat. You can download a demo of fruity loops from our software page.

So go ahead if you haven't and pull up your favorite music production tool. Load a kick and snare into it. (If you don't have kicks or snares just search on the top right for either and you'll come up with plenty.)

Once those are loaded up count out the blocks as above and then click play to listen.

Be sure to set the BPM around 90 for a Hip Hop Beat, around 135 for a Break Beat, and around 170 for a DnB Beat.

I hope this has helped some people produce a hip hop or other broken beat. Be sure to Bookmark this page for future purposes.