Automate Mixer in Reason

How do I automate the mixer with Reason

Its really a easy process, and takes just a few clicks, once you know what you are doing.

Creating a mixer rack device

Creating Mixer Rack Device for Automation

If you want to put anymore than 1 rack device, you need to add a mixer. Each new device then becomes its own channel on the Reason Mixer

Creating sequencer track for mixer

Creating sequencer track for mixer

All recorded movements are stored in the sequencer, this is why we must "Create Sequencer Track" for mixer.

Place Midi Icon on Rack Device

Reason Midi Key

The Reason "midi" icon shows the producer where the saved automations are going to be stored. (Remember this very Important)

Click Record then Start

Record with Reason

Make sure that the red record button is glowing before you click "play". If the light is not activated then the changes made during the live recording session will not be used.

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