*Hip Hop Music Producers

Who are the top Hip Hop Music Producers of all time ?

Kanye West - Hip Hop Music Producer

Good question. We looked at a few places and found what we thought was the best article at About.com The list was accumulated by polling their users. We then took the top 10 and posted those results here on our page.

If you click on the name it will take you to the Wikipedia site and tell you a little more about that artist.

The Top 1-10 Hip Hop Music Producers

10.Rick Rubin


08.Kanye West

07.The Bomb Squad

06.Marley Marl

05.Large Professor


03.Dr Dre

02.Pete Rock

01.DJ Premier

I'm sure no one is going to agree with this list of Top 10 Hip Hop Producers 100%, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Hip Hop has came along way since its early roots in the Bronx New York With many regional variations and styles. Some are almost a genre to themselves.

*Hip hop music, also known as rap music, is a style of music which came into existence in the United States during the mid-1970s, and became a large part of modern pop culture during the 1980s.