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Halloween Sounds & Music

Welcome to our halloween sound effects page set up for Halloween 2023. We've gathered our favorite spooky sounds and added them here for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Make your own halloween sound effect cd and play it while the kids come trick or treating, or just make some spooky fresh beats. Either way here they are.

63 Halloween Sounds

Audio File Details Category Size Uploaded
Breathing Weird.wav sound effect 370KB 10.31.08
Scary Beach sound effect 254KB 10.24.07
Witch Evil Laugh sound effect 494KB 03.06.08
Monster Mash MP3 sound effect 321KB 10.21.08
Monster Growl.wav sound effect 110KB 02.25.12
Annoying Witch Laugh sound effect 144KB 10.19.07
Evil Growl sound effect 135KB 03.06.08
Dracula.wav sound effect 780KB 04.13.09
Spooky Halloween sound effect 161KB 10.25.08
Spooky Child sound effect 130KB 02.23.11
Clock Strike.wav sound effect 308KB 10.23.08
Movie Killer.wav sound effect 263KB 12.05.08
Zombies Moaning.wav sound effect 619KB 10.29.08
Ghost Footsteps sound effect 105KB 10.17.08
Evil Laugh.wav sound effect 408KB 10.17.08
Movie Suspense.wav sound effect 527KB 10.25.08
Bubbling Cauldron sound effect 158KB 08.31.08
Ghostly Ambiance.wav sound effect 175KB 10.17.08
Horror Effects.wav sound effect 519KB 10.27.08
Maniacal Laugh.wav sound effect 817KB 10.29.08
Alien Recording.wav sound effect 496KB 10.31.08
Scary Movie Scene sound effect 126KB 08.29.08
Horror Sounds.wav sound effect 774KB 08.05.09
Woman Sobbing.wav sound effect 377KB 10.14.08
Haunted House.wav sound effect 268KB 10.17.08
Electric Sound.wav sound effect 176KB 10.23.08
Ghost Crash.wav sound effect 176KB 04.23.09
Chains Rattling sound effect 940KB 10.19.07
Wolf Howling Sound sound effect 176KB 10.21.08
Scary Laboratory sound effect 822KB 10.19.07
Scary Monster sound effect 806KB 10.19.07
Witch Cackle.wav sound effect 703KB 10.14.08
Souls Leaving Body sound effect 648KB 10.29.08
Scary Scream.wav sound effect 116KB 08.09.09
Bat Flyby sound effect 229KB 10.23.10
Pitch Black Alien sound effect 526KB 10.31.08
Chains Clinking.wav sound effect 737KB 10.29.08
DnB Evil Crawling synth 996KB 05.25.08
Halloween Theme Song synth 156KB 10.05.07
Halloween Theme 1 synth 114KB 10.05.07
Scary Pad Chopped pad 105KB 05.03.07
Ghostly Pad.wav pad 294KB 09.30.08
Killing Horror.wav pad 416KB 10.27.08
Halloween Atmosphere pad 294KB 09.30.08
Horror Piano 75 instrument 282KB 12.28.08
Halloween Hip Hop 6 instrument 749KB 10.25.07
Ghost Sounds.wav instrument 257KB 10.14.08
Halloween Bells instrument 120KB 09.25.08
Gong Sounds instrument 907KB 09.25.08
Reversed Vocals vocal 104KB 10.05.07
Halloween Piano instrument 507KB 10.15.08
Scary Reversed Vocal vocal 594KB 04.06.08
Halloween Organ.wav instrument 302KB 10.04.08
Abandon All Hope vocal 103KB 05.22.07
Warn Ya vocal 826KB 10.05.07
Demon Lulabye vocal 460KB 07.2828.20
Spooky Choir vocal 129KB 07.2828.20
Halloween Hip Hop 2 drum loop 749KB 10.25.07
Halloween Hip Hop 4 drum loop 749KB 10.25.07
Halloween Hip Hop 3 drum loop 749KB 10.25.07
Halloween Break 8 drum loop 241KB 10.31.08
Halloween Hip Hop 1 drum loop 749KB 10.25.07
Halloween Hip Hop 5 drum loop 749KB 10.25.07
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