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Free Emulator VST Plugins

Free Emulator VST Plugins for Fruity Loops, Cubase, Audacity, and Other Software

ELOTTRONIX XL - Frippertronics ELOTTRONIX XL - Frippertronics
Type: emulator
About: VST plugin which emulates the famous Robert Fripp's effect called "Frippertronics": two Revox B-77 making a continuous loop. This enhanced version adds many new features: 80 seconds maximum delay, D.....(more)
Roland TB-303 Screamer Roland TB-303 Screamer
Type: emulator
About: Screamer is a little synthesizer that resembles a legendary TB-303 in sound and features. A rather simple sound generation (VCO), a lowpass filter (VCF) and envelope decay control (VCA), together .....(more)

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