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Drum n Bass Music Overview

Drum n Bass Music what is it?

Drum n Bass Music To fully understand the Drum n Bass Music you need to understand what DnB is and where it came from. First off Drum n Bass or DnB evolved from Jungle music. The difference between Jungle Music and Drum n Bass Music is widely debated. As a junlge DJ I usually tell people that Jungle Music started in the early 90's and stemmed from reggae/dub/dancehall music, References to 'Jungle', 'Junglists' and 'Jungle music' can be found throughout dub, reggae and dancehall genres from that era up until today.

Drum n Bass dj Marky DnB / Drum n Bass came a bit later. DnB or Drum n' Bass Music is termed so because the heavy drums and bass are what define the genre.

There are almost always other bits of synth, pad, vocal, movie samples ect. spread throughout Drum n Bass tunes, but these are not the defining charactersitics.

A few Drum N Bass Musicians

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DnB Society

DnB heads have created their own society. Harcore DnB fanatics want to hear nothing else but DnB. No trance, no house, no break beats, just Drum N Bass. There is a whole sub culture within the sub culture that is electronic music. Might sound kinda strange from an outsider, but their is a certain level of pride that DnB enjoy.

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