Drum Machine Software

Want to know about Drum Machine Software?

Drum Machine Software Drum Machine Software Programs have been around for years in one form or another. The basic concept is to create a computer emulated model of a hardware drum machine. The Drum Machine Software will either come with preset audio bits, and or allow you to load sound files like .wav's into the individual buttons.

The reality is that you can either spend $50 and buy a software beat machine or $1,000+ and buy a hardware one.

I personally would pick the software counterpart. At the end of the day the finished product is the same... music usually in a .WAV or .MP3 format.

There are also tons of kits for 808, 909, 303, 606, and other drum machines. These kits are usually single snares, hi hats, kick drums, crashes, toms, and any other drum hit you would find on that kits drum machine. In fact you can do a search here on the top right for say 808 and come up with tons of free hits\ to be downloaded and put into your favorite drum software.

A few examples of Drum Machine Software Applications.


The Akai MPC4000 (hardware) cost around $2,799 while Beatcraft (software) by Acoustica cost only $39.95. Huge difference right? You make the decision.

Why is a hardware beat machine so much more expensive? Because it takes labor and materials to replicate. Software Beat Machines are easy to make.

Once the software has been programmed you can make thousands of digital copies within an hour.

It's no that the hardware is that much better, it's that the hardware beat machine is that much more expensive to produce.