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Ahh Reason 5 has been released and here is the demo, but let me warn you it's huge. At 600MB this file could take some time to download. So start the download and then take some time to read a quick overview of the new goodies that have been packed into Reason 5.
So what's new? Well propellerhead has added some nice new features you as a music producer or sound designer may be interested in.

Kong Drummer

Thor Synthesizer from Reason 4.0 Beta

The Kong Drum Designer is king of the beats as far as we are concerned This software device can be used to replace all those bulky external MPC and Boss drum machines, and if you are still a hands on type of person (as i am) then you will most likely want to use an external midi drum machine of some sort to control the kong platform. Full featured, groovy, and very surreal the Kong Drum Designer comes with tons of presets, but more importantly lets you customize each or create your own from scratch.

DR OctoRex

Dr OctoRex

DR OctoRex, that almost sounds like a villain from some Marvel Comic Book doesn't it?
Its the original Dr Rex on steroids. It loads / holds 8 loops, thus the name Dr OctoRex Player.
Makes sense now right?

All in all it was a nice upgrade the the rex player.

Effects Creation

Create Fx

This may have been in the last version but i missed it. In this version you can actually create an fx or sound device.
No more guessing and tweaking. Just choose either effect, or instrument by name and Reason 5 will select the proper device, plugin, and setting to achieve the desired sound.

I've been using this new feature quite a bit. It's great to get quality setting in just a few clicks without being limited to patches and trying to guess which device to use.

Download Reason 5 Mac

Download Reason 5 Mac

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We have thousands of free loops and sounds for Reason. Check out a few below and have a look around our site while your download your .zip or .dmg compressed Reason installer.

Audio for Reason

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Club Beat.wav drum loop
Tech Step.wav drum loop
Indian Tabla instrument
Trumpet Entrance instrument
Grunge Synth 102 synth
Dracula.wav sound effect
Tabla Samples.wav drum loop
Luger sound effect
808 Cymbol drum kit
Crowd Applaud Cheer sound effect
 Audio File Title Preview

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Why is this free? Well the Reason demo has all the features of the full version but is save/export disabled, has no support for ReFills and quits after 20 minutes. The full version of Reason comes with a 1 GB+ sound bank. For the downloadable demo version we have compiled a smaller demo sound bank.