Crunk Music Explained

Crunk Music Overview

Crunk Music

Crunk Music is a south eastern sub genre of hip hop. Crunk music is really a blend of Florida Electro / Bass music and Dirty South hip hop.

The term Crunk was originally a slang term used to describe a person being high and drunk at the same time, or drunk and on coke. Crunk Music's name is really a blend of.. Crazy, Drunk or of Chronic and Drunk. A good definition of crunk would be a state of heightened excitement.

How do I make crunk music?

The beat in Crunk music created using the Rolland TR-808 or 808 Drum Kit in program like Fruity Loops or Reason.

Many of the drum machines and rhythms found in the crunk music genre where previously well known in specialty genres of dance music.

A typical crunk song uses 4 bars It has heavy subs and fast semi repetitious hi hat patters usually double timed. The synth's are semi edgy and electro like. Crunk almost always contains non-melodic sound effects such as whistles and synth blips. There is often a Pizzicato (a playing technique that involves plucking the strings of an instrument)

Crunk Music Vocals

Crunk music usually involves hoarse chants and repetitive, simple refrains. Crunk Lyrics are based on a rhythmic bounce.

Crunk Music Artist

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz have several albums with crunk in the title, such as "Kings of Crunk", "Crunk Juice", "Get Crunk", "We Still Crunk", and "Crunk Rock". Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz often claim to be the "Kings of Crunk" Music.

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