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Average Salary for a Music Producer

What's the average Salary for a Music Producer?

Average Salary for a Music Producer Average median salary is around $45,000 a year. This is going to vary depending on the city and who you work with. On the top end however you have producers making over $1 Million a year. (Master P made around $56 Million Dollars last year) But let's be serious here, the chances of a you as Music Producer making that much money a year aren't that good. However with the internet and computers making it easier and easier for Home Grown Music Producers to reach an ever growing audience, things seem to be looking up for music producers.

As it states on, a popular music production community and resource, "In Today's Music Industry It's the Producer and Engineer That Counts!" That is in fact a real statement.

The music producer is the guy or girl that does most all of the work for the artist. They chop edit and lay effects on vocals. Advise artist on how to improve or what sounds good and bad. They often times create the entire track themselves. It is not a coincidence that tracks put out by Timberland or Pharell are consistently hits. It's that they have music production down to a science. That coupled with an underlying love for music keeps them popping out hit after hit.

If you are interested in becoming a producer it would be worth your time to hop over to and do a search for Music Producer and see what various titles and salaries come up. I would also consider the schools that are available, many like Full Sail will guarantee you a job after graduation. Be sure to check out our page on music production schools, that showcases some of the best schools for would be music producers in the United States.