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All about ACID XPress 5.0 - Express. Download Acid Xpress 5.0 Free. Make tracks on the fly with this award winning Software. ACID XPress software is a free version of our award-winning music creation tool. Create your own original music using a pick, paint and play interface. It's easy -just pick some loops, paint them into a track and play your music back. It's the most fun you'll ever have creating music. Integrated "Show Me How" tutorials guide you along the music creation process beginning to end.
Download sample songs from, or use any of the Loops for ACID collection or Loop Starter Kit libraries. You can choose any loops you want to use because ACID XPress software matches the tempo and pitch automatically in real-time. Share your music by publishing it to and, or stream it from your own website.*

Why ACID Xpress software?
Easy to use - Making music is so easy anyone can do it. You don't have to know how to play an instrument, sing or DJ - all you need is your creative instincts and ACID XPress software.
Fun - With the intuitive "pick, paint, and play" interface it's never been easier to create your own original, royalty-free music. You can use your musical creations anywhere you want or share it with others. Simply pick the sounds you like, build your mix and enjoy your music.
FREE - Get started immediately creating your own music. This entry-level version of the application gives you a taste of what ACID software has to offer at no cost. Sound cool? Download ACID XPress 5.0 - Express.

ACID XPress 5.0 - Express

Download string-5--140-bpm-

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