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All about Text-to-Speech -River Past Talkative. River Past Talkative converts text to spoken words or audio files. Easy to use and fast encoding. Read text to you, or encoder to MP3, WMA, WAV, or audio-only AVI format. Users can choose voice, speaking speed, volume, codec, sample rate, channel, and/or bitrate settings. Extremely fast and reliable. Useful for proofreading your own writing, or use it to listen to news, emails, articles and web pages.

It uses a text editor interface so it is easy to learn and understand. It supports plain text and RTF files as input, or copy the text from the clipboard. No Adware or spyware. DX8, and Windows Media Format 9 runtime required.

We tested version 5.4.6 and in comparison to the one that comes with Fruity Loops it really sounded the same. This could be because they use the same speech synthesis, im not sure. It also offers some cool features like the ability to download more voice packs for different vocal tones. Sound cool? Download Text-to-Speech -River Past Talkative.

Text-to-Speech -River Past Talkative

Download string-5--140-bpm-

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