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All about Adobe Illustrator. Increased speed, dependability, and ease of use, and a handful of truly useful new features make Illustrator CS2 one of the most exciting updates released by Adobe in recent years. As Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and GoLive continue to play better together, the recently released Illustrator CS2 is redefining itself as a vector-art creation tool by incorporating an improved working environment; new drawing, painting, and tracing tools; and by seamlessly integrating live Photoshop effects with Illustrator's unmatched Appearance Palette. The question is not "Should I upgrade to Adobe Illustrator CS2?" but rather, "How soon can I get my hands on it?" And that's coming from someone who's used many a previous version and the CS2 beta constantly in many projects for The Chopping Block, a design studio in New York City. The stand-alone version of Illustrator CS2 costs $499, with upgrades from Illustrator CS and 10 at $169. It's also available as part of the Creative Suite 2 Standard package for $899 and the Creative Suite 2 Premium for $1,199. Sound cool? Download Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator

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