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All about MixMeister Express. MixMeister Express 6 is a powerful tool that you can use to create a professional-sounding mix from your music files with a minimum of effort. Express is used every day by dance music fans, party DJs, fitness instructors and choreographers who want to "let the computer do the hard parts" and make their own mix CD in minutes. Highlights * Create professional-quality mixes, with beat-mixed transitions between songs that sound great. * Make a song slower or faster to achieve the tempo you need, without changing pitch. * Trim long songs down to size or remix short songs to make them last longer. * Add one-click special effects for even more fun ways to blend songs together. * Create a full-length mix CD (up to 80 minutes), and export your DJ mix to your iPod or other portable audio player. Blend your beats. One of secrets to creating a great mix CD is getting the overlap between songs just right. MixMeister Express greatly simplifies this process by automatically calculating how to beat mix between songs. You can use the one-click transition settings as a starting point for your creation, or, if you're a more advanced user, you'll be able to add your own tweaks and touches. Sound cool? Download MixMeister Express.

MixMeister Express

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