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All about Dance 7–Virtual Music Studio-EJAY. Remix and compose Dance style tracks with over 5,000 unique sound samples. Dance 7 is easy to use. You will be making your own music and samples in no time. Dance 7 offers 5,000 new royalty-free sounds, many effects and a completely redesigned interface. Enjoy adding unlimited effects and sounds. * 5,000 royalty-free professional samples, loops, beats and patches. * 4 virtual instruments; Sample Loop Player, Drum Machine, Poly Synth and Bass Synth - switch between beginner and advanced mode as desired. * 6 top notch effects; echo, chorus, reverb, compressor, distortion and equalizer with the ability to add more... * Master Effects: gives you the power to create a polished final mix. * Sample studio: professional audio editor to create and modify samples. * Volume & Pan Curves: gives you full mixing desk style control over each track. * Sample direct from CD or from any device connected to your sound card. * Auto Archive: automatically creates a backup of every song you save. * Burn your tracks to audio CD with the integrated burner. * Export your songs as WAV files. * Comprehensive offline HTML manual and quick tutorial. * Direct weblink to Sound cool? Download Dance 7–Virtual Music Studio-EJAY.

Dance 7–Virtual Music Studio-EJAY

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