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All about MOTU Digital Performer. DP5 New Feature Overview Six new instrument plug-ins. Track folders. Meter Bridge. Four new editing tools. Film/Video Scoring Enhancements. Streamers, flutters & punches. Enhanced click and countoff. Enhanced input monitoring. Soundbite Volume & Gain. MIDI Keys. Productivity Enhancements. For song writing, studio production, film scoring, live performance, remixing, post production and surround mixing, Digital Performer delivers advanced features in an intuitive, streamlined design. Whether you're completing a surround DVD, or you just want to write a song and burn a CD or MP3 file, Digital Performer gets you there quickly with elegance and ease. And Version 5 adds six new virtual instruments, plus dozens of innovative new features to keep you on the cutting edge of desktop music production. DP5 Instruments Overview From classic FM to vintage analog, six intriguing virtual instruments will spark your creativity and get you making music in minutes. Browse the hundreds of supplied presets, choose a sound or drum kit, and then hit the record button. The rest is up to you. Load your own samples or program custom sounds. You get two one-oscillator subtractive synths, one two-oscillator subtractive synth, a sample player, a drum module and an FM synth. Get ready to crank out some serious sound from your Mac. All six instruments are designed for easy, streamlined operation and CPU-efficient performance. If you've never used instrument plug-ins before, get ready for some heavy-duty fun. If you're a seasoned virtual instrument user, dive in and don't forget to come up for air. BassLine BassLine is an analog-style monophonic bass synth. Don't let the size and straightforward design fool you: BassLine puts out monstrous low end. BassLine's controls are dedicated to the bass, the whole bass, and nothing but the bass. The result? Instant killer bass lines have never been easier to produce. BassLine has one oscillator that blends two waveforms that are perfect for bass sounds (saw and square). It also includes one low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance, simple decay envelopes for the filter and amplifier and several additional analog synth features. BassLine's classic design will feel instantly familiar to retro analog synth enthusiasts, and for those not so familiar with its legacy, BassLine offers an easy-to-understand introduction to early synth design of a bygone (and now reborn) era. If BassLine makes you hungry for more programming control, click the Next button below and move up to PolySynth... PolySynth PolySynth is a retro analog-style polyphonic pad synth inspired by the Roland Juno 106 and other one-oscillator analog synths from the '80s. Like BassLine, PolySynth has one oscillator, but it is capable of a much wider variety of sounds, thanks to its digital controlled oscillator (DCO), which can be adjusted with varying amounts of de-tune, triangle wave, sawtooth, rectangle (square) wave, sub-oscillator 1 & 2 and noise. Lush pads, rude squawks, twisting sweeps - just choose a preset and go. The single LFO can modulate pitch (for vibrato), pulse width (for the square wave and sub-oscillators) or filter depth (for the classic "wah" effect, among others). The resonant low-pass filter is equipped with frequency and resonance controls, key tracking, velocity control and an ADSR envelope, which can also be applied as an overall envelope for each note. Chorus and distortion provide plenty of punch for the thickest of pads and searing lead lines. Classic filter and envelope design make for quick, intuitive programming. If you never had a chance to program analog synths from the '80s, here's your opportunity. If you yearn for even more control and programmability, click the Next button below and move up to Modulo... Modulo Modulo is a highly programmable 2-oscillator subtractive synth. It's like BassLine and PolySynth combined, on steroids (and other performance-enhancing drugs). At its heart, Modulo is built on two independent oscillators each capable of producing 58 digital waveforms (including the basics such as sine, square, saw, rectangle, etc.). A highly programmable synth The oscillator waveforms can be further adjusted with symmetry, tuning and a unique phase shift that allows you to split the oscillator, offset the resulting waveforms by up to 180 degrees, and then either subtract or multiply the two split waveforms to produce interesting timbral shifts. This effect can even be modulated with several possible modulation sources, such as one of the two LFOs. In fact, Modulo provides five different modulation sources and up to seven destinations. Sources include the two LFOs, modulation envelope, external mod wheel and note-on velocity, all of which can be flexibly assigned to filter frequency, oscillator pitch, oscillator phase shift, oscillator symmetry, and many other controls. The results produce living, breathing, dynamic, responsive sounds that you can mold in real time as you write and mix your music. The resonant multi-mode filter, three envelopes (for the amplifier, filter and general purpose modulation), detune, noise and modulation matrix provide plenty of additional sound shaping control. Bank and patch management Programming Modulo is so easy and fun, you'll likely build a significant number of your own patches. Therefore, Modulo provides built-in bank and patch management to help you organize patches and banks for quick and easy browsing, recall and exchange with your colleagues. A perfect balance Modulo provides the perfect balance of intuitive yet advanced classic subtractive synth programming combined with a flexible yet straightforward modulation matrix. You get enough control to really go deep, but everything is right there in front of you for easy and immediate results. For an even more advanced synth... If you find yourself hungering for even more controls (how about 3 oscillators, 2 multimode filters, 6 LFOs, 4 envelopes, external audio input, 16 modulation sources, unlimited modulation destinations, shapers, built-in effects, a pattern gate, an arpeggiator and much more), then you can always graduate to MX4 (sold separately). In the meantime, click Next to learn about the rest of DP5's included virtual instruments. Sound cool? Download MOTU Digital Performer.

MOTU Digital Performer

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