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FlasKMPEG - Video Software


All about FlasKMPEG. 1.1 What FlasKMPEG does? FlasKMPEG takes MPEG streams (video streams are currently not supported) and encodes them into another format, trying to achieve the maximum possible quality and trying to minimize the conversion impact providing a straightfordward aproach to the MPEG1/2 to MPEG/AVI conversion. FlasKMPEG uses 'plugins' to support output formats making that way the program more flexible, and having a wide variety of output options. 1.2 How do you achieve High Quality Conversion? How does it work? FlasKMPEG tries to take control in all the parts involved in a transcoding operation. Doing so, the whole process can carefully been controled and tweaked so optimal quality can be achieved. FlasKMPEG MPEG2/MPEG1 decoder uses the MSSG (Mpeg Software Simulation Group) decoder, that is what is usually called the 'reference' decoder. Sound cool? Download FlasKMPEG.


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