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All about Free Batch .WAV to MP3 - LamedropXPd. A drag-and-drop LAME MP3 encoder/decoder/player for the eXPerienced user
LameDropXPd is a practical frontend for LAME that makes things easier to the user, as there is no need to know about command line usage: most LAME settings are reachable on a graphical interface. Besides encoding WAV files to MP3, it can transcode Ogg Vorbis files, decode MP3 files to WAV, and auto-tag the files it encodes.

This is built using the revised encoding setup dialogue. It also includes the fixed decoding routines and will accept OggVorbis files for transcoding to mp3(just drop them like any other input file) - Generic is MSVC6 compile and Standard is ICL4.5 compile.

We've personally used LameDrop to encode thousands of files without error. We think its the best software out there like it. Very easy to use, just drag and drop. Sound cool? Download Free Batch .WAV to MP3 - LamedropXPd.

Free Batch .WAV to MP3 - LamedropXPd

Download string-5--140-bpm-

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