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All about MixVibes PRO 6 Demo. The latest and most powerful edition of MIXVIBES 6 Family is now available:

PRO 6 edition is a professional DJ software that allows up to 4 vinyls and/or CD turntables at the same time, a powerful 16 patterns sampler and full management of VST effects, DirectX effects, MIDI and every controllers available on the market.

DVS Technology

MV6 pro. audio engine

Incredible high sound quality (genuine vinyl sound), Extreme low latency time (up to 1ms en ASIO)


The sampler and sequencer, managing up to 32 samples that you can play when you want.

MixVibes is professional dj software for mixing live media files on your computer (pc or laptop) that includes all the tools you need for a complete DJ platform. This edition uses DVS technology (Digital Vinyl System) which provides high sound quality and minimum latency (up to 1ms in ASIO). The PRO edition can support at the same time up to 4 turntables and/or CD players to control your media files. This edition includes also a powerful sampler, manages up to 16 virtual players and many effects (VST, DirectX).
Sound cool? Download MixVibes PRO 6 Demo.

MixVibes PRO 6 Demo

Download string-5--140-bpm-

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