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Free Equalizer VST Plugins

Free Equalizer VST Plugins for Fruity Loops, Cubase, Audacity, and Other Software

Classic EQ Classic EQ
Type: equalizer
About: Classic EQ is a 7 Band Stereo Equaliser with a warm analog sound, well suited to make non-surgical tonal corrections on all instruments, vocals and final mixes. The passive and additive structure, tog.....(more)
Golden Audio Channel Golden Audio Channel
Type: equalizer
About: Description The Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1 includes all you need to make top-notch audio tracks and mixes. It features two equalizers, two compressors, a noise-gate and a de-esser. All componen.....(more)
Fruity 7 Band EQ.dll Fruity 7 Band EQ.dll
Type: equalizer
About: Fruity 7 Band EQ.dll is a really good off the shelf vst plugins that comes built into Fruity Loops from version 4 and up. It has as could be expected from the name 7 eq ranges to tweak. Great little p.....(more)

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